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How Does HTTPS Help Businesses Gain Consumer Trust?

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Today, there are millions of websites available online, but not all of them are genuine. With increasing awareness about hacking, scams, malware, and other downsides of accessing unsecured sites, internet users have also begun to realize the grave dangers of callously using the internet. This changing preference makes it imperative for companies to adhere to the latest security standards. Using the latest security standards and using next-gen Cloud Hosting solutions are critical.  

Businesses need to take this into account that while making a purchase, a visitor is likely to check whether the site is secured by SSL certificate or not. If the site is not secured, a potential customer will probably bounce off the site due to the lack of trust. SSL certificate is a standard for building consumer trust. It is necessary especially for financial and eCommerce websites to have an HTTPS secured website in order to survive … Read More

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Picking The Right White Label Trading Software

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Have you heard about white label trading software? Why do you think that there is a high number of wealth management firms and broker-dealers switching to use this model? This is a lesson that the mass-market retailers know: white label products sell.

Why Do You Need To Use White Label Trading Platform?

If a company considers using white label SEO reseller programs package it’s because of the following:

  • Starting a new wealth technology business using minimal upfront
  • Optimizing IT and Research & Development budgets to be competitive in the digital transformation paradigm
  • Complementing on existing business with the help of digital wealth management.

In either way, this white label software will enable a business to be quality, scalability, reliability and efficient operations thus preferable.

For example, there are clients who are facing trading terminals and therefore, white label trading software becomes popular with online broker-deals. With this software, FinTech and … Read More