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Benefits of Limiting Screen Time for Young Children

Adults all know all too well how fast time can fly by. The first ten years of a child’s life seem to go by so quickly. While they are anxious for every upcoming birthday, parents would all too often like to slow that growth. It’s during these early years that a child’s brain is in rapid stages of development. Creativity and imagination are the two components that have the greatest influence on the development of a young child’s brain. Endless hours in front of a TV, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device robs them of this development. While there are an endless stream of electronic devices and software marketed to young children under the guise of development, nothing could be further from the truth. Get back to basics with your child and let them connect with the world around them and their peers and siblings instead of a screen. Follow these recommendations from the child development experts to find a balance in your child’s life with the amount of time spent staring at a screen.

It’s all too easy to hand over a tablet or smart phone to occupy your child while you’re otherwise engaged. Consider a box of crayons and paper or a building set instead. Set aside time each day to spend with your child, even if it’s only a half hour, where you’re truly engaged. You are setting an example for your child if they have to share your attention with your cell phone.

Insist that your children play outside each day. Fresh air and nature are all important for healthy growth. Let them use their imaginations. Alone time, without screens, friends or family members are also very important. Children need to be allowed to use their own imaginations and creativity to engage themselves. Children that complain of boredom, most likely have had insufficient opportunities to learn to entertain themselves. The transition from passive screen time to active peer or parental engagement can be challenging for most children.

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