Google is finally updating its Podcasts app. The podcasts app from Google had been missing some key features like the ability to queue podcasts and auto-download. However, a new report seems to suggest that the company is changing that with the rollout of the ‘new Google Podcast’ application that also introduces a new user interface for the app as well. According to the report, Google is also bringing the highly demanded queues and auto downloading features with the Google Podcasts update. The update has started rolling out for some users, while a complete rollout is expected in the coming few weeks.

According to a 9to5Google report, the new updated Google Podcast welcomes the users with a “Check out the new Google Podcasts” greeting, which goes on to highlight three parts of the app which will be accessible from the bottom bar.

The three new parts on the Google Podcast bottom bar are – Home, Discover and Activity (as seen in the image below).

Photo Credit: 9to5Google


The Home tab on Google Podcasts shows the user the latest from their subscriptions that replaces the old grid-layout into a scrollable carousel for listening to one’s favourite podcasts. In order to indicate if a podcast is new, the barely visible blue marker on the cover of the podcast is replaced with a red dot on the top right corner.

Instead of recommended podcasts, the Home page on Google Podcasts now shows new episodes from the channels being followed by a user. The listing also includes two lines of show notes, along with the ability to start playback, an ‘add to queue’ option and an option for initiating download.

The Discover tab on Google Podcasts is to explore popular shows, the report says. A search field lies above, with shows and episodes shown below.

The last Activity tab will let a user manage the queues, downloads, and subscriptions on the Google Podcasts app. The latest version of podcasts, according to the report, offers ‘meaningful playback management.’

The report further said that episodes can now be queued to start one after another, though there is no option to disable auto-play.

However, it says that the most significant update is in the settings of the new Podcasts app. It said that “Auto Downloading” for new episodes is now live.

The new update also lets users select the subscriptions they want notifications from. However, these preferences do not appear live on a show page and must be arranged from within the settings itself.

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