Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) will continue offering more data to its fibre subscribers. The operator has extended extra data offer until September 9. The state-owned telecom operator initially announced the increased fair usage policy (FUP) limit last month, with a view to help subscribers amid the coronavirus lockdowns. The additional limit is applicable to seven FTTH plans by MTNL. Alongside the promotional offer extension, MTNL has reopened new bookings for its FTH-1500 plan. MTNL Mumbai has also reportedly extended bill payments date for customers who didn’t pay their March bills. The bill payments extension is applicable until today, April 20.

To announce the extension of the FUP limit for seven of its FTTH plans, MTNL has released a circular on its site. The circular shows that the additional limit that was announced last month has further been extended for six months until September 9.

The additional FUP limit is applicable to seven FTTH plans, namely FTH-599, FTH-777, FTH-1111, FTH-1500, FTH-Fire, FTH-2990, and FTH-4990. The operator has mentioned in its circular that other terms and conditions will not receive any changes.

Plan Name Original FUP Limit Promotional FUP Limit
FTH-599 150GB 200GB
FTH-777 400GB 500GB
FTH-1111 750GB 1000GB
FTH-1500 1200GB 1500GB
FTH-Fire 1500GB 2000GB
FTH-2990 3000GB 4000GB
FTH-4990 6000GB 8000GB


MTNL has also resumed bookings for its FTH-1500 plan that comes with a 1,200GB FUP limit. However, the promotional offer takes the FUP quota to 1,500GB.

In addition to the new FTH-focussed updates, MTNL has extended the due date of its March bills until April 20, reports OnlyTech. The due date extension is applicable only for MTNL Mumbai customers. This means if you are living in Delhi, you won’t receive the due date extension benefits on your existing telephone bills.

Last month, MTNL brought a double data offer on broadband plans for landline and mobile users for a month. MTNL parent company BSNL also introduced a “[email protected]” promotional broadband plan to offer Internet access to its landline customers for free of cost during the coronavirus pandemic.

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